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Quantum Artist

The Ultimate Spiritual & Healing Experience

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Dear Friends,

It is my belief that it is vital to lead a worthwhile and passionate life. I also believe that we create the reality of our lives, thoughts and beliefs by the “Holographic Projections” that we project out into the world.

I hope that through my “Holographic Projections” I have added to the passion and spiritual uplifting of your life; that I have helped a little in your getting closer to that which you truly most desire.

The music that I play has been very powerful in releasing me from pain and suffering and allowing me to know again the feelings of joy. Many people tell me that they too feel great “Catharsis” on hearing this music.

May your experiences be as freeing and enlightening as mine.
Much love to you all.

Malcolm's Journey
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Malcolm Watson special feature on The Daly Show

A highly humorous and amusing interview on the subject of bare feet and freeing the soul. Includes performance by Malcolm on violin.. Malcolm Watson-Barefoot Dancing Violinist-TV Interview by Malcolm Watson.

Who I am...

I am a quantum artist who invokes consciousness and healing through dramatic art (catharsis: the process of releasing and thereby creating relief/healing from strong or repressed emotion, thus raising consciousness; originally through dramatic art). Further to the above I am a violinist, speaker, dancer, performer and presenter.

What I do...

As a quantum artist I use my knowledge and skills to help my audiences let go and release from pain and suffering, re-awaken their joyfulness, increase levels of consciousness and awaken knowledge of self as pure spirit.


I do this by performing as a violinist, dancer and speaker to inspire and motivate others in bringing about the above


I also compose/improvise my own music, record Cds/downloadable music/video and write metaphysical information and training courses for public interested in healing and consciousness.


How I do it...

I drop into the quantum field and use my skills and knowledge as a violinist, dancer, speaker and composer to put intense emotion and passion into the worlds of my audiences.. To accomplish this I also use my communication knowledge and skills of placing strongly focused attention with powerful intention in delivering the healing and increased consciousness that I desire to bring about.


I continually search for, study and apply knowledge to increase my own consciousness, and practice daily in this pursuit.

Press Release

by Jivani

Dancer of Grace
Reach for the Sky
This is the Place:
Your wings will Fly

Unfolding he is, WATSON.

WATSON had a passion - or rather ApassionatA - toward classical music.

English-born five year old WATSON stood on a Spring English morning holding his first violin. It was a gift from his uncle. Two years passed before his family found a teacher who would teach such "youthfulness". And WATSON - gentle, well spoken, and with glasses perched, discovered in those two years that there was no other consideration - he knew he was to be a violinist. Lessons were on Saturday morning's, an hour's bus ride away, his violin case nestled between his knees. Trained at the Kent Junior Music School, performed solos at age 7, and with symphony orchestras at 10. His rise as a prodigy that resembles that of Paganini 200 years earlier manifested in a FULL SCHOLARSHIP AT THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC. He was just 16, already in full blossom as a performer composer/interpreter of classical Masterpiece.

Early 90'ties WATSON falls in Love with the World - and the violin - again, and "forever" is broken. New compositions flow from new inspirations. He moves to America. And he moves America.

Touring extensively with his "Company" of hand picked guitarists and pianists his blends - from "New Age", Joyful Jazz and light Classics take millions by storm. More than anything else his "Joie de Vivre" style, his rage of beauty and his dance of ecstasy, leaping and whirling barefoot, opens an entirely new market, creating a niche almost to himself: Holographic, Healing, Holistic...indeed! Emotional Soulful, Cathartic, Infinite...absolutely!  More...

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