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Irv Mowrey

 Irv Mowrey is a highly talented composer song writer and guitarist. We first met in 1970.  It was in the garret room that my brother rented just off Tottenham Court Rd, in downtown London.

This tall lanky American fellow was sitting on the couch playing this amazing and haunting music on his twelve string guitar and singing with a passion and intensity that held me spellbound.

After a short while I joined in to accompany him with my violin. We were both excited by the sound we created together and I quickly learned three of his songs.

We were highly desirous of trying out our new sound in public and so we dashed off to the London Underground (Subway) as an immediately available venue. We quickly gathered a crowd and one of the listeners introduced himself and asked us if we would perform on his radio show the following evening. 

We were excited of course and performed live on his show. After we came off air the producer enthusiastically asked us if we would do an hour-long live show the following week. We meekly answered that we had already performed our whole repertoire of three songs on his show that evening.

So off we went, in my little old banger of a car, to the Yorkshire moors, to a stone cottage in the tiny village of Keld. In an amazingly short time of 6 or 7 days we had a repertoire together of over one and a half hours of material.

On our return to London the immigration authorities were waiting for Irv, to inform him that his visa was out of date and that he would have to immediately leave the country. Off to Paris, France, he went and a few weeks later I joined him there to pursue our music ventures.

The stories and adventures we shared are voluminous and far too many to recount on this short write up. Over the next few years we produced two albums. It was the 12 inch vinyl discs in those days. The first was entitled “Subway” and the second “Busker”. We also had a TV movie, titled the same, "Busker", filmed about us and the lives and adventures we led.

Irv now lives in Portland Oregon and has one other solo album entitled Continental Drift.

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Jeffery Edge

One fine day, the 1st of June 1990, I woke up wondering how I was going to pay the coming months mortgage on the little house I had just purchased. I had run almost out of cash and could not even afford a pack of cigarettes that morning.

So, I decided to go down to the Pearl Street walking mall and play a few pieces of Bach on my violin and get a few donations. This done, I went off to buy some cigarettes and wandered down the mall a ways drawn by the melodious sounds of a classical guitar. There was Jeffrey playing the most beautiful sounds on his guitar through a small amplifier.

After listening a while, I asked if I could join in and play a piece with him. It was amazing. He was delighted and suggested we play a few more pieces together. By the end of the afternoon we has planned out the next 18 months and a week later we had recorded our first album of 12 pieces.

We recorded two highly popular CDs together; “tears of joy” and “Christmas with Watson & Edge” and performed many concerts. We created an historic and acclaimed planetarium show where we performed live to over 1200 effects changes, including the Zeiss star machine, projected images and lasers.

Jeffrey died October 28th, 2001. He was a highly talented man, a great guitarist and composer, a performer of spectacular style and a highly competent teacher. He is greatly missed. I shall always remember with great love the creativity and wonderful performances that we shared with so many.

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Darren Skanson

In 1993 I was interviewing for a new guitarist when I received a call from Darren. He told me he had seen an advertisement of mine in a heavy metal mag looking for a guitarist with "balls". I explained to him there was a fairly extensive interview process where he would have to fill out a questionnaire and send me a tape of his playing etc. before we would even get together.

He informed me he was the lead guitarist in a heavy metal band called Mata Hari. They were currently on tour and had just been turned back to Denver due to the freeway being closed due to snow.

He told me he was really interested, but that we would have to forgo all the lengthy questionnaire etc, that he could come and see me right away or not at all. So he came right over and it was total synergy between us from the word go.

Before the end of the interview we had put together the piece that we later called Oceans and is the first song on on the CD we recorded together. Darren is a powerful performer and great guitarist and composer.

We toured all over America together and played live to literally many millions of people. The CD we recorded together is entitled Catharsis Infinity.

We also produced an excellent concert video together called Watson & Company-Live in Concert.  Darren left the duo after about two years of amazingly productive and hectic performing and touring together to create and follow his own very successful solo career.

He has created Colorado Creative Music and has had several hits on Billboard's Top Classical Charts. You can check out what he is up to now at  and also ,his recording company, Colorado Creative Music Studios.

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Colin McAllister

Colin and I found each other in 1995.  He is a highly accomplished classical, jazz and rock guitarist. He is currently recognized as one of the leading performers of 20th and 21st century classical guitar music. Also being a highly competent composer.

He has composed a number of the pieces on our Holographic Projections CD and also on the forthcoming album, Apassionata.

A class act and truly a gentleman of great intellect, he was studying to become an astronaut engineer before deciding to put all his intention into becoming a great guitarist and create a career as a musician.

I remember evenings after a long day of performance, Colin would pull out some esoteric volume on black hole theory, or some such, giggling as he would check out the math on his calculator. Then there were magical nights we would stop, out in the middle of some desert, whilst on tour, to look at fascinating star configurations through powerful binoculars. He has a wonderful humor and would give us lots of laughs with his zany behavior, I remember the time Colin decided to act as if he was the maitre de at Red Lobster and go around the restaurant taking peoples drink orders. What a HOOT!

We have traveled the length and breadth of America numerous times together and I cannot recall even one word of irritation ever from this amazing man and musician.

He now performs in Europe, Mexico and throughout the US as a classical and jazz guitarist. Colin earned his Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of California, San Diego, where he is currently a Lecturer in Music and director of the guitar program.

To find out more about Colin visit him at his website

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