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Holographic Projections

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Def: Holographic adj 1. A whole three dimensional image that contains all perceptions. 

2. An exact whole three dimensional re-creation of a person, an area, creation, subject, game, identity, object, etc., that is a perfect duplication of all details including all sights, sounds, smells, touches, feelings, emotions and moods of the original in its own space, in its own exact time, containing the exact same quantities of energy and life force particles. - Alan C. Walters  

Def: Projections: n. pl. {from L pp. of proficere - to throw forward}  Thoughts or feelings externalized so that they appear to have objective reality. - Websters

Dear Friends,

Listeners have said to me many times that our music is very evocative, taking them to many places and bringing forth strong images and emotional feelings, ranging from sadness to joy and love. 

It is my belief that it is vital to lead a worthwhile and passionate life.  We create the reality of our lives, thoughts and beliefs by the "Holographic Projections" that we put out into the world.  I hope that through our "holographic Projections" we have added to the passion and spiritual uplifting of your life; that I have helped a little in your getting a bit closer to what you truly want. 

I wish you an abundance of prosperity, success, happiness and love. 
Malcolm Watson

Malcolm wishes to thank - My dear wife Cindy for her caring support, the boys, Ben and Tristan, for all their help and understanding.  To Michael Pfeifer for friendship and super technical help in production.  To Colin for hard work, and helping me expand my musical horizons.  My Mum and Dad who got me started on violin when I was 7.  I wish to extend a special thanks to Alan Walter, Eric and the staff at the Institute of Applied Knowledge in Dallas, for helping me refire the dreams and vision in my life and getting me closer to what I truly want.

Colin wishes to thank - Frank Jermance and Dick Weissman at UCD.  Ed at One World Arts.  My Mom and Dad for being the best parents in the world and to Dad for his free legal services.  Michael "you are the avatar of John" Pfeifer and Suzanne at Metro Pacific.  Malcolm for being a great friend and for learning "the Lick-of-Doom". Special thanks to my fiancee, Marlene, who makes the sun rise in my world - I love you.
Holographic Projections, Watson and Company’s most intellectually passionate recording pushes the envelope on both the classical and jazzier original pieces.  For the first time ever, we can hear the masterful and historic performance of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue, arranged for violin and guitar, by Watson and Mc Allister.  Originally written for the massive pipe organ.  The originals such as “The Rim” and “Eye of the Storm” get more driving and jazz like.  A CD to excite your senses!  11Tracks.

The Rim

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(McAllister) 5:29  This song was written while we were
spending time in the mountains of Arizona.  We hiked the
cliffs of Mogollon Rim one sunny October afternoon.  From
the top we could see probably a hundred miles and yet
there was no sign of the modern world.  It was like going
back into the past.  Most of us who live in cities rarely get
to see images like this anymore.  The melody hearkens
back to a time when life was more open.

Toccata & Fugue in d minor

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(J.S. Bach-arr. Watson and McAllister) 6:30  This magnificent and well known piece was written by Bach in 1730 for the pipe organ.  It always reminds me of youthful times spent with my brother, Ivan Watson.  He would search out English country churches and monasteries on our travels and fill the air with the thunder and passion of this powerful piece on their often ancient and massive pipe organs.  Colin and I arranged the piece for iolin and guitar and are still amazed at how big and full it sounds.  We also cut a few minutes from the Fugue, making the piece a little shorter.

 La Danse Mystere

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(Watson and McAllister) 5:03 "The Mystery Dance" This
piece has several sections that (often like life itself)
mysteriously connect together making this into an exciting
piece for us to perform.

Canary Jig

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(Traditional, violin by Watson) 2:59  This dance was very
popular in the seventeenth century in both France and Spain
and was reputedly based on a dance by the natives of the
Canary Islands.

Sonata No.1 for Violin & Guitar, Movements 1 & 2

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(Niccolo Paganini) 4:43 Paganini lived from 1782-1840.  It
was said that "he looked like a magician and his playing
justified his looks".  His passionate playing and skill was such
that a fantastic story began to circulate that he was in league
with the Devil, who guided his bow.  Also a formidable
guitarist, Paganini composed a set of sonatas specifically for
violin and guitar as well as his famous caprices and concerti.


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(McAllister) 4:18 The word Enigma comes from the Greek
anigma: to speak in riddles, hint.  As the title suggests, this
piece starts with an open, evocative beginning, then hints at
the more rhythmic section with which the piece develops and
ends in a dualism or dichotomy that is reflected in so much
of our music and performance.

Sonata No.1 for Violin & Guitar, Movement 3

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(Niccolo Paganini) 3:26  The final movement of this sonata.
 Though normally performed as a whole (movements 1,2 &
3), we chose to separate the movements to be consistent
with our eclectic style.  (Def. eclectic: composed of material
gathered from various sources. Websters Dictionary: i.e.:
"a lot of different stuff")

It Is What It Is

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(Watson and McAllister) 2:43  We might often wish, or even
perceive, things to be different than the way they are.  But
the truth is always just what it is.  Need we say more about
this jazzy blues, it is what it is!


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(Fernando Sor, Violin by Watson) 4:08  Based on one of the
"essential studies" for guitar by Sor.  The new violin part
gives it the feeling of beautiful sadness that we so often
connect with the nostalgia or remembrance of some special
momentous time gone by.  A time that we would rather not
have ended but still contains some of our life force and

Evening Sunrise

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(Watson and McAllister) 3:04  Fresh summer evenings spent
 in an English orchard, supping on the beery brew of the
local pub, chatting with good friends about the wonders of
life, such that the blossom scented evening seems filled with
the golden particles of the sunrise of a never ending new day.

Eye of the Storm

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(Watson and McAllister) 5:23  The peace before the fury. 
Again the stark contrasts of life, leading to a powerful
satisfying ending, which I know many of us hope and work
towards as our successful conclusions.  The elements had a
definite say in the choosing of this title.  At the debut perfor-
mance of this piece at an outdoor concert, the wind rose up
and flung over one of our speaker cabinets.

Produced by Watson and Company and Michael Pfeifer.  Recorded and Mixed at Metro Pacific Studio, Denver, CO  ?©Xcentric Recordings and Watson and Company.  All songs published by Gold Zone Music (ASCAP) and Big Bug Music (ASCAP) with the exception of works by Pagnini. 
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