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"The legacy we "live" each day, is the one we leave."


Malcolm on Legacy...

“Being a Living Legacy gives us a global viewpoint, and we manifest our lives in a huge, generous, joyful, loving, and giving fashion.”

In the Summer of 2009, Malcolm was given the title of “Living Legacy” by the World Legacy Project. Since that time he has been a most valued supporter and adviser to the WLP. He now serves as the celebrity host for their “Evolution of Solution” BlogTalkRadio Show, where you can hear him discuss what it mean to “live your legacy” and interview some of the world’s most renowned leading edge visionaries and company leaders weekly!

LL Malcolm Watson and the World Legacy Project

Malcolm’s Thoughts on Living Your Legacy

Our natural state is to be all loving. This demonstrates that all of the human family are basically good. From this viewpoint we will all intend, create and contribute to the most optimum purposes and dreams that we can. All of us are Living Legacies, whether we acknowledge it or not. We must realize that all our actions have consequences. These results and consequences are the legacy that we create and leave behind us. They can be any degree of wonderful and positive, or harmfully negative. The more conscious and present we are, then the more aware we are of our environment and the consequences of our intentions and actions. This enters in the subject of responsibility. Meaning simply the most appropriate and beneficial “response” to the situation.

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