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Listener Reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Inspiring and lovable, October 5, 2002
By  Karim (San Diego, CA USA)
This review is from: Tears of Joy (Audio CD)

This music has an essence that gets deep within you soul and brings out emotions that you were not aware you were capable of feeling. My brother introduced me to these music and I became an immediate fan, these guys are remarkable!. Some pieces, like Tears of Joy and Romance are masterpieces, the best music I have ever heard and felt in this genre. I highly recommend this album to anyone who enjoys great music and especially for those of us who love music for what is capable of making you feel. Even a hard man like myself, who cries for nothing, not even the loss of a loved one, shed a tear of two when I "feel" excellent pieces of music.  Inspiring.

Watercolor by Ann Simpson

Malcolm in the News…

"... a sprightly harlequin swirling around the stage whilst feverishly bowing his instrument.  Malcolm Watson brings stage life to the violin in the same way Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson does the flute..."  E. Reiner, On Stage Magazine

"...truly, all of Watson's music is exquisite, like the greatest angels dancing with one's soul and leading it into the most delicate, memorable, timeless and ecstatic peaks anyone could ever imagine.  Imagine that!..."  Reviews & More



'Barefoot Violinist' Malcolm Watson to perform at Outlook Inn on Orcas


Acclaimed violinist Malcolm Watson, the Barefoot Violinist, will perform in the Outlook Inn's Victorian Room, on Orcas Island, on Tuesday, July 28 at 7:30 p.m.

Watson delights audiences by dancing to his performance. He leaps and whirls ecstatically, in his bare feet, while playing powerful and passionate emotional interpretations of both classic and jazz on his amplified violin.  More…. 


Malcolm Watson walks his own musical path — sans shoes

The Union, Grass Valley, CA


Trained as a serious classical violinist at the Royal Academy of Music in London, Malcolm Watson quite literally kicked his shoes off and went his own way musically.

Known internationally as the “barefoot violinist,” the 64-year-old Watson performs with whimsical humor and deep passion. He dances around the stage in his bare feet and a white tuxedo playing a “classical crossover” of jazz, folk, rock and blues. 

"This music has been very powerful in releasing me from pain and suffering and allowing me to know again the feelings of joy.  Many people tell me that they feel a great "Catharsis" on hearing this music."

What Fans Around the World are Saying...

Awakening ...
"...I truly believe that if all the world could hear your music for just one minute, that 90% of all the pains and suffering in the world would disappear in that moment..."  M.C.  Canon City

"...I just wanted to close my eyes and drift on a cloud wile your music filled my ears with pleasure!  I never imagined that a violin and a guitar could sound so beautiful."  D.M.~Heavy Metal Fan  Estes Park

Catharsis ...
"My father was in agony and dying...within minutes of hearing your music his pain had gone... He died two hours later, serene and at peace, while your violin lifted his Spirit into the Light.  I can't thank you enough..."  J.L.  Manitou Springs

"...when my father passed away I was numb.  Your music, Tears of Joy, gave me the opportunity to cry.  Thank you, thank you..."  D.W.  Lompoc

"...and I can't begin to say how captivated I was by your music! ....It freed me to cry the way I needed to..."  G.A.  Dallas

"...I won't perform a surgery without Tears of Joy playing in the operating room.  It reduces the stress factors so greatly..."  Dr. J.V. ~ Heart Surgeon  Beverly Hills

"...Your music is my most favorite bedroom music...your passion and sensuality makes me quiver with excitement..."  L.D.  Ann Arbor

"...with your seductive violin my sexual pleasures have raised to levels unknown... every night I take your music to bed with me..."  A.W.  Denver

"...You bring sunshine into my home..."  B.G.  Knoxville

"...The undeniable passion and joy of your music and presence filled me with a strangely familiar pleasure..."  J.M.W.  Chicago

More Listener Reviews...

5.0 out of 5 stars Love this music!, April 21, 2010
By  Marilyn "a Baby Boomer" (Evergreen)
This review is from: Tears of Joy (Audio CD)
This is the second time I've purchased this CD. I'm a big fan of Watson and Edge!

5.0 out of 5 stars A must own!, May 4, 2009
By  inkfast (Denver)
This review is from: Tears of Joy (Audio CD)
Let the music take you away. From the first time I heard (Malcolm) Watson & (Jeffery) Edge on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado in 1991 I was hooked on this classical/jazz fusion music. One listen and you'll buy all of their cd's.

5.0 out of 5 stars This is a feel good CD, August 24, 2004
By  K. Goddard "traveler" (Alabama)
This review is from: Tears of Joy (Audio CD)
I purchased this CD from the artistd themselves at the Rochester Hills, Michigan, Arts and Apples Festival. Everytime I listen to it is if they are both in front of me playing live and it brings a smile to my face. You can't help tap your toes to this wonderful collection of music. The emotion that goes into each piece can really be heard coming out of your speakers. I recommend all of their albums.

5.0 out of 5 stars In Memory, May 28, 2002
By  "trukid1931" (Los Angeles, California United States)
This review is from: Tears of Joy (Audio CD)
Jeffrey Edge was a musician with the ability to transcend reality's borders and touch the very soul with his music. Although Jeffrey is no longer with us, I was one of the lucky few who knew him. Although one can speak volumes about Jeffrey the person, his music, accompanied by Malcolm Watson, speaks louder than i ever could. As is the philosophy behind the title track, it is better to shed "tears of joy" while reflecting upon what once was rather than crying over the loss. I highly recommend this album as its raw emotion is unparalleled by any other i have ever heard. The world is a better place for knowing the genius of Watson and Edge.


"...Truly all of Watson's music is exquisite, like the angels dancing with one's soul and leading it into the most delicate, memorable, timeless and ecstatic peaks any one could ever experience. Imagine that!... G. Ozimek Reviews & More"

...You have got me off Prozac and other insomnia is gone...every night I go to sleep with your wonderful freeing music..." D.M. Tuscon AZ

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