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Concert, TV Pilot, Daly Show, Busker and more!

Journey to the Heart DVD!

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Here you'll find some great professional and private videos of Malcolm working his magic as well as the documentary "Busker" of his time as a "modern day troubadour" in Paris at age 25.  Enjoy!


                                                                    Keynote Performance                                                   Media Host ~ Pilot
                                                             Given for Dr. Deepak Chopra                        Exciting new music educational TV series.


                                                                          In Concert                                                              Legacy Interview - Part 1
                                                            Amplified Violin and Guitar                                   Legacy Moments ~ How He Lives His
                                                Classical Crossover ~  Bach to the Blues                              What's Next in His Legacy

WLP 2009 Collaborate & Accelerate Event
A private performance calls in the "Autumn Wind" and closes the weekend with much joy.


A documentary movie filmed of Malcolm Watson at 25 years old.  The film follows Malcolm, his partner Lesley Murray and his guitar partner Irv Mowray as they followed his life as a modern day "troubadour"  in France as they journeyed from Paris Subways, Scottland Castles and finding their way to the stage.  The title "Busker" now spearheads international festivals around the world.

MikePearceFilms ~ Buskers            Photography - Chris Menges                              
Malcolm Watson                                Sound - Tony Anscombe, Ian Bruce, Peter Wernham
Irv Mowray                                         Editing - Colin Slade, Roland Brason
Lesley Murray                                   Produced & directed by Michel Pearce
                                                         ATV NETWORK LIMITED


                                                                      Busker ~ Part 1                                                            Busker ~ Part 2


                                                                      Busker ~ Part 3                                                            Busker ~ Part 4

Busker ~ Part 5
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