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Catharsis Infinity

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Def: Catharisis, the purifying or relieving of the emotions through dramatic art.  (from the Greek: katharsis, mean purification) - Webster's Dictionary 

This music has been very powerful in releasing me from pain and suffering and allowing me to know again the feelings of joy.

Many people tell me that they too feel great "Catharsis" on hearing this music.  May your experiences be as freeing and enlightening as mine. 
Much love to you all,
Malcolm Watson

We both with to give much thanks to all of you who have supported us so strongly and for all the wonderful communications we receive from you.  Have a wonderful "Catharsis". 

Love, Malcolm and Darren

Malcolm gives especial thanks to Eric Reiner for all his help in getting this act together to his family Cindy, Ben and Tristan for endless patient support; Michael Pfeifer for continued technical assistance and encouragement; Darren for working so hard and ability to make this project a success. 

Darren gives much thanks to Mom, Dad, Brant, Cisco, Eric and Julie for their love and support throughout his life; Malcolm and Eric for their faith; Jack, Pat, Marty and all the Mata Hari guys for their friendship; Michael Coates and Henry Gwiazda for their direction; all the great friends I have out there for their helping hands and open ears; to the special ladies who have been in my life for all the pain and passion.
Catharsis Infinity is a powerful, passionate and out going album inspiring creativity and peacefulness in the listener! Described by one reviewer as “Emotion releasing—in your face passion.” This recording takes you on a powerful, evocative and emotional journey through timeless classics like Pachabel’s Canon to unique, stirring and jazzy originals. From Renaissance to the Blues. Music to live by! 15 Tracks.

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(Watson and Skanson) 4:31 Being the first piece we wrote together we thought it appropriate to open the album.  We hope it takes you to the rolling waves of the waters of the Earth.

The Dream

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(Edge/Violin by Watson) 2:45  This bright, upbeat number has Malcolm introducing the technique "pizzicato" on the violin; this is Italian for plucked.

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(Anonymous - Arrangement Watson & Skanson) 3:20  A standard classical guitar piece done with a new twist.  Darren employs a guitar synthesizer which allows him to play the piano and string sounds on his guitar.  Shades of things to come.

Canon in D

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(Pachebel) 4:11  Timeless is certainly a word which applies to this classic.  Written in the late 1600's, the Canon sounds as fresh today as it did 300 years ago.

The Universal Wish

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(Watson and Skanson) 4:17  In this piece we worked hard to keep music and the title consistent with one another.  For us it has become something special. We wish the same for you.
To Francisco

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(Watson and Edge) 1:59  This is dedicated to Fransisco Tarrega for all the wonderful music he has given us.
Love's Song

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(Francsco Tarrega) 2:21  Originally a guitar exercise, both the addition of the violin by Malcolm made this piece so unique we could no longer call it Study in E minor.


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(Watson and Edge) 4:12  To reach the harmony of concordance one must travel the turbulent, stormy seas of all the emotions.
Tristan Chase

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(Watson and Skanson) 2:05This whimsical piece so captured the essence of Malcolm's little boy Tristan Chase, that we had to name it after him.

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(Francisco Tarrega) 2:34  From the Spanish meaning teardrop.  This is a quintessential Tarrega piece.

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(Watson and Skanson) 5:12  "Autumn, time of life, time of season when the leaves are falling down…" from the lyrics to Autumn by Darren.
Air Space

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(Watson and Skanson) 2:48  This light jazzy piece bops along with the illusion of violin, guitar, bass and drums-but honestly, it's only the two of us.

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(Aguado/Giuliano) 3:15  A bit of cut and paste was involved in this flashy medley of two pieces by the Italian Romantics Aguado and Giuliano.  The Spanish allusion at the start was our idea.

Orlando Sleepeth

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(Dowland) 2:25  John Dowland was the leading lutenist and composer of his day.  The metre change is quite a hip twist for the late 1500s.
 The Different Blues

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  (Watson and Skanson) 2:52  People always     comment on how different we are, so we thought we would leave you with that- something different.

Recorded and engineered by Michael Pfeifer.  Golden, Colorado, August 1993.  Mixed by Pfeifer, Watson and Skanson. Produced by Watson and Company and Micheal Pfeifer.  Front cover art by Tracey L. Mathews.  Cover technical assistance by Mark R. Kauffman. Album layout and pre-press by Ian Thompson.  Photographs by Mark Geier. Violin parts on all classical pieces composed by Malcolm Watson.  Darren Sanson plays keyboard synthesizer on Oceans and Autumn and guitar synthesizer on Romance.
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