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Journey to the Heart

“We invite you to expand and grow in this exciting

  “Journey to the Heart” with us.”  Love, Daniel, Malcolm & Joel

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Def: Catharisis, the purifying or relieving of the emotions through dramatic art.  (from the Greek: katharsis, mean purification) - Webster's Dictionary 

This music has been very powerful in releasing me from pain and suffering and allowing me to know again the feelings of joy.

Many people tell me that they too feel great "Catharsis" on hearing this music.  May your experiences be as freeing and enlightening as mine. 
Much love to you all,
Malcolm Watson

We both with to give much thanks to all of you who have supported us so strongly and for all the wonderful communications we receive from you.  Have a wonderful "Catharsis". 

Love, Malcolm and Darren

Malcolm gives especial thanks to Eric Reiner for all his help in getting this act together to his family Cindy, Ben and Tristan for endless patient support; Michael Pfeifer for continued technical assistance and encouragement; Darren for working so hard and ability to make this project a success. 

Darren gives much thanks to Mom, Dad, Brant, Cisco, Eric and Julie for their love and support throughout his life; Malcolm and Eric for their faith; Jack, Pat, Marty and all the Mata Hari guys for their friendship; Michael Coates and Henry Gwiazda for their direction; all the great friends I have out there for their helping hands and open ears; to the special ladies who have been in my life for all the pain and passion.
An inspirational and transformational collaborative Photographic, Spoken Word and Musical Journey, by Daniel Gutierrez, Malcolm Watson and Joel Plimmer.

This is a journey from the head to the heart. This DVD will take you deeply into this journey with the profound, inspirational and playful words and photography of Daniel Gutierrez and the powerful and passionate music and performance of     Malcolm Watson (violin) and Joel Plimmer (keyboards). This talented trio will take you through a range of emotions from sadness to excitement, joy and blissfulness.  It will empower you to own more deeply your true connections to God, Source, the Universe and Yourself. Daniel will take you through such topics as opening our hearts, children, knowing your magnificence, money and our relationship to it, gratitude, love and more!  9 Tracks.


                       Daniel Gutierrez                  Malcolm Watson                Joel Plimmer

Song Titles

1.              Remember Me                            2:50                 Colin McAlister


2.              Awakening                                   4:07                 Plimmer/Watson

3.              Freedom                                        1:55                 Plimmer/Watson

4.              Gratitude                                      2:13                 Plimmer/Watson

5.              Abundance                                  3:17                  Plimmer/Watson

6.              Integration                                  3:52                  Plimmer/Watson

7.              Our Children                                2:14                  Watson/Edge

8.              It’s Your Time                              4:33                   Plimmer/Watson

9.              I AM                                              3:52                    Plimmer/Watson


  Pre Release Price! $19.95

Words spoken and originated by Daniel Gutierrez.    DVD & Cover Photography by Daniel Gutierrez

All music composed and performed by Malcolm Watson and Joel Plimmer, with the exception of  Remember Me/Forgotten (from Malcolm Watson’s album AppasionatA, composed by McAlister, performed by Watson and McAlister) and Our Children/Cosmic Bop (from Malcolm Watson’s album Tears of Joy, composed and performed by Watson and Edge).  

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